About Us

Florida Outdoor Advertising Group is a leading outdoor advertising and media specialist, with a significant presence in 5 primary sectors of the outdoor/out of home market including City sidewalks and commercial establishments, Beach and tourist communities, College Campuses, Transit advertising and digital display coverage in Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and clubs.

The Company specializes in out of home advertising solutions, offering national exposure across a mix of media types, providing flexible coverage of the entire State of Florida. With a focus on "Green" outdoor products for the future, Florida Outdoor introduced it's "Information and telecommunication kiosk" that offers a recyclable unit (stainless steel) that operates by Solar Panels and LED lighting. Florida Outdoor is also offering the "Go Green Recycling Bin" made of recyclable plastic or stainless steel with Solar powered LED back lit panels.

Florida Outdoor, together with 3GMaxMeida, and Green4Outdoor.com, form part of of the Out of Home advertising division within First American Advertising Corp., Florida’s premier, street advertising group.

Florida Outdoors vision is to be the premier provider of outdoor advertising in Florida and beach/tourist communities nationwide delivering significant returns to all our partners.

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Being accountable to each other as employees, clients, landlords and suppliers.
  • Providing superior levels of service to all our customers.
  • Developing and retaining superior site locations.
  • Developing and retaining superior staff and providing equal opportunity to all of them.